22b-3rdStandard Features

  • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated IP-20 (IP-44, 130V models only).
  • Plug-in connectors facilitate electrical connections.
  • Electronic commutation provides quiet operation and low electro-magnetic interference (EMI) while eliminating brush maintenance and contamination from brush dirt.
  • Molded hall sensor assembly for accurate commutation.
  • Wound stator with exposed laminations provides excellent heat transfer and allows maximum power per motor frame size.
  • Rare earth magnets on the rotor provide high torque and low rotor inertia.
  • Aluminum endshields for high thermal efficiency and light weight.
  • Unvented gearhousing for universal horizontal mounting.
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  • Ball bearings on output shaft for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  • Permanently lubricated, maintenance free operation.
  • Double-reduction worm gearing allows for high gear ratios in compact package.
  • Bronze worm gears for high shock load capability.
  • Hardened and ground worm gear hobbed on the motor shaft for high strength and long life.

Application Information

  • Brushless motors require a control.
  • Performance ratings of 115° C winding, 25° C ambient, and no heat sink.
  • Face mount, or mounted from bottom of gearhead, standard.

Optional Accessories

  • Cable model 3983 for connecting 130V motors to Bodine chassis controls.

Matching Controls

  • Motors may be used with a variety of controls, including servo amplifiers, that produce square-wave current for 3-phase, 4-pole brushless motors with 60° commutation.
  • We stock a full line of single-quadrant speed controls ideally matched for our brushless motors.

Related Documentation

  •  dimensional drawing is available here »


Model numbers that begin with an “N” require lead time and minimum order quantities.

Right Angle Brushless DC Gearmotor
5314 1.8 1/16 121 1400 24V NO
N5002 12.5 1/8 140 200 130V NO
N5003 8.3 1/8 144 300 130V NO
N5006 4.2 1/16 147 600 130V NO
N5014 1.8 1/16 121 1400 130V NO
N5036 0.7 1/16 95 3600 130V NO
N5302 12.5 1/8 140 200 24V NO
N5303 8.3 1/8 144 300 24V NO
N5306 4.2 1/16 147 600 24V NO
N5336 0.7 1/16 95 3600 24V NO


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