Motor and Gearmotor “L” Brackets
Model No.  Description lbs. Dimensions Deflection lbs.
0969 Kit for “E” and “F” gearmotors 2.5 Call for Specs 200
0970 Kit for “W” gearmotors 1.75/td Call for Specs 125
0979 Kit for 34B motors 1 Call for Specs 25
5968 22B-D, 22B-Z Gearmotors 1.25 Call for Specs 50
Most parallel shaft stock gearmotors have a breather hole on top and require that the driveshaft remain at 12 o’clock position with respect to the horizon.
Other Gearmotor Kits
Model No.  Description lbs. Dimensions
0967 Base plate kit for 3F gearmotors .5 Call for Specs
Model 0993 Aluminum Adaptor Plate
Model 0993 adaptor plates are designed to attach accessories requiring a mounting bolt pattern or machining other than that provided on motors and gearmotors with accessory ready shaft extensions. These plates may be modified with either a lathe or drill press. IP-44 protection is maintained when using this adaptor plate, as it is not necessary to disassemble the motor or gearmotor.
Encoder Kits
Model No. Renco Number Resolution
(Pulses per
Fits Permanent
Magnet Bodine
0940 RM15D-360-1/4-G6-5CA24-LD-1-C4 360 24B, 34B

  • Kits are designed for quick and easy installation to accessory ready models.
  • Incremental encoder output may be used for speed verification or motion control.
  • 5 VDC, 135 mA input, TTL/CMOS compatible, 20 mA sink output.
  • Quadrature, 2 channel output, with 1 index pulse per revolution.
  • Encoder cable is 24 inches long, terminated with AMP 103650-7 connector.
  • 1.50 inches in diameter, 0.82 inches long.
115V Brushless Control Accessories
Item Model No. Description
A 3983 Connection Cable Assembly for connecting model 3910, 3921 and 3911 controls to stock 130 V motors. One end of the cable is equipped with a circular connector, the other end is equipped with quick disconnects for phase leads, and a molded connector for the commutation leads.
Length: 6 feet.
B 3982 Extension Cable for model 3910, 3911, 3921 and 3912 controls. Extends the cable between the motor and control by six feet. Both ends are equipped with circular connections for easy connection between model 3983 cable assembly or encased control and the motor.
Length: six feet.
C 3984 Analog Interface and Isolation Module for model 3910, 3911,3921 and 3912 controls. Provides Analog interface and isolates controls from system controller input signals which may be at different potentials.
433 00270 Fuse and Speed Potentiometer Kit (not shown) for use with model 3910 control. Contains potentiometer for manually regulating motor speed and an assortment of fuses to cover the range of motors and gearmotors which can be used with the control.
0895 Enclosure Sealing Kit (not shown) seals the model 3912 or model N3913 enclosure to provide IP-44 splash-proof protection.