Motor and Gearmotor “L” Brackets
Description lbs. Dimensions Deflection lbs.
0969 Kit for “E”, “F” and “FX” gearmotors 2.5 Call for Specs 200
0970 Kit for “W” and “WX” gearmotors 1.75 Call for Specs 125
0990 Kit for 24A motors 1 Call for Specs 25
1968 Kit for metric 30R, 33A, 30R-D, 24A-D, 24A-Z motors and gearmotors 1.25 Call for Specs 50
1969 Kit for metric E/F gearmotors 2.5 Call for Specs 200
1970 Kit for metric W gearmotors 1.75 Call for Specs 125
5968 Kit for 30R and 33A motors and 22B-D, 22B-Z, 24A-D, 24A-Z, 30R-D, 33A-Z gearmotors 1.25 Call for Specs 50
Most parallel shaft stock gearmotors have a breather hole on top and require that the driveshaft remain at 12 o’clock position with respect to the horizon.
Other Motor and Gearmotor Kits
Item Model No. Description lbs. Dimensions
A 0967 Base plate mounting kit for 3F gearmotors .5 Call for Specs
B 0984 Die cast terminal box kit for 33A, 34R, 42A, 42R and 48R motors and gearmotors 1 Call for Specs
0985 Oversized die cast terminal box kit for 34R, 42R, 48R, 42R-FX, 33A, and 42A motors and gearmotors 1 Call for Specs
B 1984 Die cast metric terminal box kit with terminal block for 33A,34R, 42A, 42R and 48R motors and gearmotors 1 Call for Specs
C 0991 Die cast base kit for 42A motors .33 Call for Specs
D 0977 IP-44 kit for 33A
D 0978 IP-44 kit for 42A
E 0995 Adaptor plate kit for E, F, W , WX and FX gearheads provides drop-in replacement
of competitive gearmotors.
.5 Call for Specs
Items for Type FPM Controls
Item Model No. Accessory Description
Analog Interface Board for use with Control Models 0810, 0830, and 0850. Allows control to accept a variable voltage or current signal from user’s host controller in order to automatically control motor speed. Inputs are optically isolated.
A 0890
Electronic Direction & Braking Board for use with Control Models 0810, 0830, and 0850. Allows user to change motor direction and to dynamically brake motor to a quick stop. Inputs are not optically isolated.
B 0893
Local/Remote Switch for use with Control Models 0810, 0830, and 0850 when used with Accessory Models 0888 and 0889. Allows user to switch between automatic and manual operation.
Sealing Kit for use with any type FPM encased control in order to upgrade standard NEMA 12 enclosure for IP-44 rating.
6′ Cable Encased. For model 3910, 3911, 3912, and 3921 controls. Extends the cable between the motor and control by six feet. Both ends are equipped with circular connections for easy connection between model 3983 cable assembly or encased control and the motor.
6′ Cable Chassis. For connecting model 3910, 3911, and 3921 controls to stock 130V motors. One end of the cable is equipped with a circular connector; the other end is equipped with quick disconnects for phase leads and a molded connector for the commutation leads.
C 3984
Analog interface and isolation module model 3984 provides Analog interface and isolates controls from system controller input signals which may be at different potentials.
Brake, Encoder, and Tachometer (B.E.T.) Ready Models
Model 0992 adaptor plate is designed to attach accessories requiring a mounting bolt pattern or machining other than that provided on motors and gearmotors with accessory ready shaft extensions. These plates may be modified with either a lathe or drill press. IP-44 protection is maintained when using this adaptor plate. It is not necessary to disassemble the motor or gearmotor.